The experience of the people who trusted us does not fit on one page, we only show you some of them. Couples from all over Europe visit and trust us. The moment of completing our efforts with a positive result gives us the best reward that pushes us to continue our work.

Kelly Johanna - Savvas, Colombia

I have no words to express how happy and satisfied I am with the care and attention I received form doctor Kaliantzis during my pregnancy, delivery and postpartum process. His dedication and concern for the details and the love he expressed in his actions in exercising his work to me made me feel not just a valued patient but a close friend. I felt in the quality of the service and humane treatment received, his high level of professionalism and overall exceeded all our expectations in one of the most important stages of my life and post birth of being a mother.
My warmest thanks!

Antonio & Francesca, Italy

After years of trying to conceive thanks to our llovely doctor finaly we have two wonderful babies back at home. Dr. Panagiotis Kaliantzis treated us like a family and he was always there supporting us. Thank you so much for making our dream come true. We love you!!

Sindre & Camilla, Oslo

Our sweet jenny was borrn in 20/05/2017 after being conceived via our first ivf with Dr. Kaliantzis.Our visit to his office in athens was as pleasant as we could be expected, Dr Kaliantzis is a polite person with lot of experience and of course i recommend him not only because of our success but because he gave us a wonderful experience. Thank you for all!!!

Chloe & Arnold, France

After 8 years of struggling with infertility and a failed IVF at a different clinic, my husband and i dicided to visit Dr Kaliantzis in Greece. I honestly didnt even know where to begin. Dr Kaliantzis gave us hope, when we thought all hope was lost. Expect from hope he gave us our little princess. Thank you for all

Peter & Sonia, Belgium

All my life i was focused on my education and career! Time flew fast. I realised that i had never found time to look for Reproductive Doctor. Dr Kaliantzis turned to be even better than what i was looking for. His knowledge is high and he managed to make me a 50 years old woman pregnant. Thank you for everything.

Alfred & Evelyn, UK

We want to thank you again for everything you did for us through this journey- yourcaring and kindness, your professionalism and support. Most of all for your success in helping to grant us this beautiful little soul, who has added joy to our lives

David & Adele, UK

Dr. Kaliantzis helped my wife and I to create a miracle that we have been trying to do for 6 years with no success. There is nothing I can do to repay him for what he has done for us and I truly appreciate his passion for his work.

Paul & Sophie

I feel so blessed for meeting Dr. Kaliantzis. From the first day I went to his office with my husband I felt instant connection! He was so warm and always had a smile on. I achieved pregnancy on my second cycle and I will always be grateful for that. Thank you Dr. Kaliantzis so much for turning finally our dream into reality

Luis & Carmen, Madrid

We were so lucky meeting Dr. Kaliantzis. The Doctor was extremely supportive, patient and so easy to work with. He checked on us regularly and made sure we understood our options and chances of success. I truly recommend him because he really care for his patient and their wish of having a family.