IVF Protocols

1) Long protocol

From day 21 of the cycle (regular 28 days cycle) the woman starts GNRH agonists (Arvekap 0.1mg) daily for down regulation and after the period we add daily injections of gonadotrophins. During ovarian stimulation the woman is examined with vaginal ultrasound every 2-3 days and estradiol levels if necessary. When at least 3 follicles reach 17-18mm the woman receives hcg injection and after 34-36h we collect the eggs with oocyte retrieval.

2) Short protocol

From day 2 of the cycle the woman starts daily injections of GNRH agonists and from day 3 starts daily injections of gonadotrophins.This protocol is shorter and lasts 10-13 days depending on the response of the ovaries.

3) GNRH antagonists protocol

From day 2-3 the woman starts daily injections of gonadotrophins and on day 5-6 of the stimulation or when the largest follicle reach 12mm we add GNRH antagonists. This protocol also  lasts 10-13 days .

4) Combined protocol with clomiphene citrate or letrozole and gonadotrophins.

From day 2 the woman starts clomiphene citrate or letrozole daily for 5 days.From day 3 she starts daily injections of gonadotrophins and when the largest follicle reach 17-18mm she receives HCG injection.

5) Natural cycle

In natural cycle the purpose is to collect the egg which the woman produce by herself without the aid of hormones.Natural cycle is an alternative for young women who don’t want to receive hormones and for poor responders or women over 38 where the best approach is to collect the resulting embryos and freeze them  till we have at least 2-3 good quality embryos to transfer in the uterus (depending on the woman’s age).The success rates of the collect and freeze approach are very good.

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