Sperm Donation

What is sperm donation?

Sperm donation is the provision (donation) by  a man (known as sperm donor) of his sperm(known as donor sperm)for the purpose of inseminating or impregnating a woman who is not his sexual partner. In Greece the sperm is donated through a sperm bank or a fertility clinic.

When going through a sperm bank the recipient may select donor sperm on the basis of the donor looks, academic ability, race and many other factors.

In sperm banks screening of potentially sperm donors includes STIs (sexually transmitted diseases) genetic diseases, chromosomal abnormalities and others. The sperm samples are frozen and stored for at least six months after which the donor will be re-tested for STIs.

The donor sperm is used either for IUI (Intrauterine insemination) or for IVF (In vitro fertilization) depending on the fertility history of the recipient woman.

Who is candidate for sperm donation?

  • Men with azoospermia due to testicular failure
  • Men who had cancer treatment and did not have their sperm frozen
  • Men with very poor quality sperm and a history of repeated IVF failures
  • Men with a genetic disease
  • Single women
  • Same sex couples

Under the Greek laws sperm donation is anonymous.

Our clinic collaborates with a prestigious Greek sperm bank and our results are excellent.

To learn more or book an appointment about Sperm Donation you can email us at pkaliantzis@yahoo.co.uk, call us at +30 210 7717726 or contact us by filling the next form:

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