Uterine Scratching

Mechanical endometrial injury has been proposed to positively affect the chance of implantation after embryo transfer.

The success of an IVF cycle is determined by a number of factors including age,embryo quality embryo transfer technique and uterine condition.Sometimes although good quality embryos are transferred into the uterus pregnancy does not occur. Some studies have shown that gentle uterine scratching may improve implantation and pregnancy rates in women who have repeated IVF failures with no obvious reason.


It is not clear what the reason is that may lead to an increased probability of pregnancy.One theory is that endometrial scratcing causes some sort of inflammatory response within the endometrium.It may be that the wound healing response following the scratch improves the enviroment of the endometrium and makes it more likely to implant and create a pregnancy.

Endometrial scratching is offered to women with repeated IVF failures despite transfer of good quality embryos and without clear reason for their lack of success. Endometrial scratching can be done during an hysteroscopy or as an outpatient with an instrument called pipelle without anesthesia.Its quick ,it lasts about 10 minutes and the patients leaves the clinic the next hour.
In our clinic we offer endometrial scratching for couples with repeated IVF failures with good results.


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